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The Duke MacIsaac Dictionary:
Most people, upon meeting Duke MacIsaac, walk away with a bewildered look on their faces wondering, what the heck did he just say? Well we here at Duke's official website want to help you understand. For this reason we have compiled a list of "Duke-isms" along with their definitions/origins. So read it, memorize it, and consider yourself fully prepared to engage in conversation with Duke.

1. The accent. The first thing you have to come to understand, is Duke's accent. Duke was born and raised on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and therefore has a thick accent, similar to a Newfoundlanders, only slightly more understandable. What this means, is that most "o's" are pronounced with an "a" sound.

Examples: "What's going on?" = "What's goin' an?", "Hot pot of coffee" = "Hat pat a' caffee." "Bob's Copy Shop" = "Bab's Capy Shap."

2. Gutted. It won't be long before you'll hear Duke making a comment about being "gutted". Gutted = hungry.

3. Muck on. This one accompanies the word gutted. The proper response to "Are you gutted?" is "Yeah, I gotta get my muck on." Muck on means to get something to eat. The word muck has spawned many Duke-isms.

Examples: "Liquid Muck" = a protein shake. When you don't have time to get a proper muck on, you can mix up some liquid muck. "Truck-a-muck-a-long" = a protein bar. Like a protein shake, only much easier to grab on the run.

4. The P's. The P's is the name of one of Duke's signaure moves, but so much more than that. The P's originated back in 2001 while on tour with Real Action Wrestling. Duke was examining a bottle of A5/35, and he noticed that they had a little chart showing you how much to use based on how bad your pain was. The pain was represented by little letter "p's." Duke commented that he "Sure wouldn't like to have that many p's!" And before you knew it, it was the name of his signature move...formerly referred to as "the claw". It's not uncommon to hear Duke issue a warning of "HERE COMES THE P'S!" while in the ring.

5. Ol' Cocker. This is mostly used in reference to Duke himself, but it began as one of Duke's common greetings. When greeting a friend, Duke can often be heard saying "Whatcha sayin ya ol' cocker?" Ol' cocker can also be subsituted with "Ol' Stick" or "Ol' Sauce." Duke's father is known as "The Original Ol' Cocker" while his mother is "The Ol' Doll" (Dall when pronounced by Duke).

8. Duking Up. All wrestling fans have seen it...Hulk Hogan, in a sleeper hold, looks like he's out for the count...then he starts "Hulking Up" the fists start to shake and he rises to his feet. With the Ultimate Warrior, it was shaking the ropes. With Duke, it's the fists shaking, ropes shaking, and then....the jig. Duking up.

7. Songs. Duke has been known to re-word a song or two, filling them with Duke-isms.


a) Sung to the tune of "Jack and Diane" by John Mellancamp, this was actually composed by Bobby Rude, using the Duke accent. It's referring to the day that Duke lost the green ball on the top of his tam during a show:

"Ohhh yeah, what's goin aaaaan? Has anyone seen the balle to my taaaaam? Oh yeah, that's right aaaaan, I just found the balle to my tam!"

b) Sung to the tune of "Jenny from the Block" by Jennifer Lopez:

"Don't be fooled by the racks that I gat, I'm still, I'm still Duke the old cack!"

c) Sung to the tune of the alphabet song:

"P,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p, now I've sung about the p's, next time, do a jig with me" (We never said he was the next Brian Adams).

d) This one again, was not composed by Duke, but since it's about him it belongs here. It's inspired by the fact that Duke, is ALWAYS late. Sung to the tune of "Blame it on the rain" by Milli Vanilli:

"Blame it on the Duke, when you're running late. Whatever you do, don't blame it on Mike Hughes, blame it on the Duuuuke, yeaaaah."

More to come! Know of any we missed? Email them to and we'll add it.

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